Rental Contract Terms

Rental Contract Terms

TERMS: Rentals commencing on the 1st will be subject to a full month’s rent. And rent after the first may be prorated at the discretion of the LANDLORD. No refunds are provided for partial month's rent.

All storage is rented for a minimum of one (1) month. Payment of an amount equal to one month’s rent plus any applicable deposit is required for all rentals prior to occupancy. There will be no refund for early check-out (less than the one month minimum).

Check-outs occurring between the 16th and the end of the month will still be subject to a full month’s rent. Any balance due on the Renter’s account at the time of checkout must be paid in CASH to the LANDLORD or LANDLORD'S Representative.

Checks will not be accepted on checkout nor as payment for storage at anytime. A clean-up deposit may be required for each indoor storage unit rented.

The clean-up deposit will be refunded after checkout if the storage unit is empty and in “swept” clean condition. Any trash left in the unit and/or on the property is subject to a trash fee starting at $75 and will be charged to account on file.

Renter agrees to notify LANDLORD upon checkout/vacating of unit and further agrees to keep MANAGER informed of any change of address or phone number.


DEFAULT: All rents are due and payable in the first or in advance. 

LATE FEES: A late charge of $10 will be automatically applied to any late account on the 7th day of the month, even if a non-business day. An additional late fee of $10 will be applied to the account on the 14th day of the month and lock-out procedures will be enforced on day 15th.

In the event the Renter’s account becomes 30 days overdue an additional $100.00 fee charge will be added to the account for lockout fees/administration costs. 

If the account becomes 60 days overdue, an additional $100.00 fee charge will be added to the account for lockout fees/administration costs and the Renter agrees that LANDLORD may, at that time; by selling, destroying or any other means, access the unit and remove Renter's belongings without fault or responsibility, liability or prosecution of theft, tampering, destruction of property nor be held liable for damages in any way share or form. 

If necessary, Renter’s property is usually disposed of by public auction.

If LANDLORD deems it necessary and advertises the Renter’s property for sale at auction a fee of $45 will be added to Renter’s account. Once the Renter’s property is advertised for auction, PAYMENT IN FULL can only reclaim it on or before the date of auction. Partial payments will be accepted only if LANDLORD so agrees. 

Otherwise, items stored will be auctioned or removed from the premises on day 61. 

RESPONSIBILITY: It is clearly understood by Renter that LANDLORD does not insure Renter’s property nor assume responsibility or liability for windstorm, fire, flood, theft, water, mildew, rot, breakage, vandalism, insects, vermin or other pests or any other damage to or loss of Renter’s property while on LANDLORD premises, including acts of God such as a hurricane. 

For items stored outdoors on any of LANDLORD”S lots, Renter agrees that LANDLORD will not be responsible or liable for any of the above named perils or for any damage caused by moving the item stored into or out of a storage space. Nor for any vandalism or theft of items. While we do have cameras on site and do monitor, Renter acknowledges that this is a non-fenced, non-locked, 24/7 accessible property and Renter enjoys that freedom to come and go thus choice this location intentionally for said storage. Outdoor storage is responsible for any and all damages to pavement/asphalt including oil/gas leaks from engines/motors and it's in the Renter's best interest and responsibility to see that this damage does not occur by placing bins/cardboard and disposing of said material often or upon vacancy. Disposal is not allowed on property and will result in a $150 fee. In addition, any damages left by said oil/gas or leak of any kind are subject to a fee of $100 and up to fix and will be charged immediately to the account of the Renter on whatever payment method is on file with the LANDLORD. This claim can not be argued and it is up to the Renter to view property prior to parking and confirm upon exit that all is in the same condition as it was upon move in. 

Renters assume all risk of personal injury to themselves, their children or guests accompanying them while on LANDLORD property. 

Renter agrees to furnish a lock for inside storage. 

At the owner’s request, LANDLORD will keep a key to owner’s lock on file and will release said key only to the Renter or any other person the Renter indicates by so naming on this contract. 

Renter may add names to the contract at a later date by notifying LANDLORD in writing and/or using our secure online system to which Renter will be granted access via email - using the email address they signed up with.

For items stored outside, Renter understands that occasionally items may need to be moved and LANDLORD will provide 36 hours notice of said need. It is up to the Renter to have access to do any necessary moving of trailers, boats, RVs, trucks, etc. that are parked on said property. LANDLORD does not/will not move any trailers, boats, RVs nor hold on to keys of said property.

LANDLORD, for any reason has access to inside storage unit keys, provides this key storage service as a convenience to the Renter and assumes no responsibility or liability of any kind whatsoever in regards to having Renter’s key on file. 

Renter agrees not to store inside any inflammables, explosives, perishables, materials that may be odorous, or any hazardous material. 

Renter further agrees that LANDLORD may enter their storage until at any time in order to remove any hazardous or prohibited materials or to perform any routine or emergency maintenance deemed necessary to open your unit, the lock will be opened and a new lock will be placed on the Renter's unit. This lock will be removed when Renter is notified that access was needed to said unit or upon Renter providing 36 hours notice to have lock removed.

Renter will be responsible for supplying a new lock or charged $25 for a new “numerical code only lock” to which code and directions will be texted to Renter and then disposed of by LANDLORD.

Rental rates are subject to change due to market forces or operating costs. If a rent increase becomes necessary, LANDLORD agrees to notify the renter at least 30 days prior to such and increase taking effect. 

The Renter certifies that this contract has been read in its entirety, is understood and constitutes the entire understanding of both parties, and no promises or representations have been made that are not set forth herein. 

By renting a UNIT inside or OUTSIDE the Renter is in complete agreement with all stated within this agreement.


Should the Renter be interested in purchasing insurance for rented property on site, the LANDLORD may offer a 3rd-party introduction to a company that provides this service. In the event the Renter signs up with this company, the LANDLORD may receive an affiliate referral fee but in no way takes on any liability for said introduction or any insurance or claim to follow.